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There are few things better than finding an outfit that flatters your figure. The thing is, if you don’t understand why certain things look great on you, it can be hard to keep finding new favorites. In actuality, it’s very simple—it all boils down to body shape. Once you learn how to dress for your body type, it’s amazing how easy it is to build a wardrobe you love to wear. It is especially important for us as big girls.

First things first. What is your body type? The surest way to figure this out is by taking four body measurements: shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. The relationship among these numbers will reveal the shape of your frame.

If you don't know how to measure, maybe this chart can help you.🤔

Now that you know your measurements you can decipher your body type. While there are much different body shapes out there, most women align with one of five: apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, or rectangle. Knowing this will help you learn how to best dress for your body type. Find your shape below.

Apple-Shaped Body

Apple-shaped bodies are generally fuller in the middle. Women with an apple-shaped body tend to have full breasts and a less defined waist. The hips tend to be slenderer. As with dressing for any body shape, the idea is to create balance. Therefore, you will want to draw attention away from your stomach. You can skim over your tummy area completely, or you can re-define where your midsection is. You could wear a belt just underneath your bust as this is normally the smallest part of your torso and this will redefine your shape.

Pear-Shaped Body

Pear-shaped bodies often have narrow shoulders and curvy hips and thighs. The top of the body is smaller than the lower part of the body. This is a common shape for curvy women. The best tips for a pear body shape are those that draw the eye away from the hips. They need to add movement and width to the bust to balance out the difference between the top and bottom parts of the body. Choose V-neck, cowl, or one-shoulder top styles. Anything with a decorative detail at the neckline or bust is also a good option.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you’re likely an inverted triangle.
Flaunt your defined waist and small upper frame! Balance out your hips by drawing attention upwards with printed or structured tops. Opt for roomier cuts and dark washes on your bottom half, which paired with a high-rise make your waist look tiny and your legs a mile long. Avoid garments that hit at the hip or have volume there, as they draw attention towards your widest part.

Rectangle Body Shape

Plus-size women are often referred to as “curvy,” so the word’s become a catchall for all bodies sizes 14 and up. But because all bodies are unique, not all plus-size women are truly curvy—especially women whose bodies fall into the straight or rectangle category. This body type is fairly evenly weight-distributed and doesn’t have one area that requires sizing up or down. 

Hourglass Body

This is the most well-known body shape. Women with an hourglass figure have a slimmer waist, but a fuller bust and bigger hips and thighs. When you have an hourglass figure, it is important to show off those curves. This is a classic shape, and most women would love to have it, especially as it was popularised by women such as Marilyn Monroe. Dressing an hourglass body is all about defining and accentuating your waist. You can create an even more curvaceous look by adding a bit of volume to your upper and lower body. Wrap dresses and blouses are particularly flattering.

Hopefully, we helped you get a better understanding of your shape and how to dress it. Remember, these are just suggestions, you can wear whatever you like and mix and match styles from each body type.

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