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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to find the perfect gift for all the wonderful moms in your life. Feeling some pressure? Relax, you got this! Mycurvyboutique will guide Mother’s Day gift full of great gift ideas for every woman in your life.
Here are some tips for your mom on Mother’s Day spend an unforgettable day.
Coffee and Tea

As a super mom, she’s most likely always on the move. From work to picking up the kids at school and running errands, her day can get pretty busy. This Mother’s Day, shower her with a caffeine-packed gift that’ll give her a boost of energy when she needs it the most. A unique coffee gift basket brimming with classic Starbucks roasts, delicious caramel wafers, and more is sure to help her accomplish her daily goals and fight off the midday slump.

The Day Off

Give your mom the day off and help her with tasks she needs to get done. For example, do a bit of laundry, wash dishes, or cook dinner for the family. Amid the hustle and bustle, it isn’t easy finding the time to buy groceries, prep the food, and cook. So, on her special day, let her rest and put your culinary skills to the test. If you’re not much of a chef, you can always order take-out or schedule a meal kit delivery. Companionship is the simplest form of love.

Daily Bag
Whether she’s a new mom or a seasoned pro, consider giving her a bag that’s stylish, yet practical. Let’s face it, a mother’s bag is a cove full of hidden treasure, from emergency snacks to sunscreen and band-aids. When looking for the right bag, think about her day-to-day activities. Ideally, you want something that’ll withstand wear and tear and is easy to clean. 

check the bag

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 Photo Collage

If you have little ones, this is a great Mother’s Day DIY gift to give mom. Let the children pick out their favorite photos with her and create a heartfelt collage from scratch. From pictures of summer days lounging in the sun to special outings at the park, your family will be able to look back on the special moments you’ve shared with grandma and thank her for being a part of your lives.
Plus, photo collages are so easy to make! First, gather your photos, either original prints or copies, and let the children go wild snipping and gluing to their heart’s content. If they’re pretty young, just make sure to supervise as they use the scissors. You can also pre-cut the photos for them to make it easier.

Traditional Flowers
Don’t know what to buy your mother for Mother’s Day? You may not know her as well as your own mom, and if the two of you have different tastes, it can be difficult finding the right gift for them. When in doubt, send an extravagant bouquet of traditional Mother’s Day flowers right to her door. A surprise flower delivery will surely leave her impressed and feeling loved. Whether she lives a few minutes away or on the opposite side of the country, ProFlowers can deliver Mother’s Day roses to wherever you need them. Other classic Mother’s Day blooms we recommend are tulips, carnations, and lilies.

Cute Dress

Every mom has experienced youth like us and is curious about anything new. Even as a mother, there is a big girl who likes beauty in her heart. Without telling her, I prepared beautiful clothes in advance and presented them to my mother in person on Mother's Day. I think she will be very moved.

shop the cute dress

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Thank you to moms and caregivers all around the world who give so much to care for and protect God’s precious little ones.

Mothers’ Day only happens once a year and it is never too late to celebrate the love your mother has been showering you with over the years, and show some appreciation and love back. Have a Happy Mothers’ Day with your loved ones, from all of us at Mycurvyboutique!

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