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There are many different popular Black history myths circulating online and in everyday discourse. Myths and cultural misinformation concerning Black history, historical figures, and major events, can cause harm by erasing Black experiences, causing misconceptions about cultural identities, and increasing misunderstandings about histories that impact the current and future realities of Black life.
Black History Month feels particularly important this year. The 2022s have already proven to be as revolutionary as the 60s. Social justice and equality seem to be on the tongues of millions as we enter 2022 with new hopes and aspirations for the future, and a renewed willingness to fight. So we are not alone.
Dress-up during black history month is our best stand wherever in public or daily life.
Here are some items designed for you during black history month.

Featuring the Pan-African colors of blue, brown, and white, this comfortable and attractive t-shirt features the message “Celebrate Black History”. The women's face design on the t-shirt suggests independence and makes for an uplifting shirt theme. Wear this shirt for Black History Month or any other time of year.

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The letter print composed of yellow and black symbolizes the freedom and beauty of women. Sling-style long skirts are more popular with big girls who yearn for leisure. We are proud to celebrate Black History Month with this groundbreaking collaboration. Each piece celebrates the voice, vision, and heritage of our artist collaborators.
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While not every day is Black History, it can be in each of us every day. The most important thing in everyday wear is simplicity and comfort.Two-piece Pants can meet many occasions in our lives, and the unique print design is destined to make you unique.
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Be a part of the glory of African American history with unique earrings this year. They embrace a sense of pride tailored in bright colors and bold patterns.it will add a different color to your outfit.

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