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Camo print used to be the perfect thing to wear to keep your disguise or go unnoticed but now it’s the print to wear to stand out from the crowd. What’s great about camo print is that it can be something simple like a pair of shoes or a purse and it’s enough to make your outfit noticeable. 

For curvy women, their own characteristics and fashionable camo will make you the center of attention in the crowd.

Trying to pinpoint the exact moment that camouflage and military style, in general, became part of everyday fashion is a difficult task. The more you unpack, the digger you deep, the further you go, and the more complicated it becomes.

Here are some occasions to help you find your own plus-size camo😆, just keep reading.😎

For daily

Are you usually wear pants in your daily life? As a curvy woman like me, always like it, but I could not find cute pants in previous. When I find the plus-size camo pants, it was really amazing😆! It is definitely a good choice.
shop the cute plus size camo pants on mycurvyboutique 

Mycurvyboutique Plus Size Camouflage Perforated Sexy Pants#X0018
(Mycurvyboutique Plus Size daily plus size camo pants in XL 2XL)

Pants are often preferred over shorts, and the ripped fit adds a touch of camouflage fashion. The hem of the trousers is designed with a flared mouth, which adds a sense of mystery.

For party or wedding

When attending a party or wedding, the first thing you should think of is a dress, right? Of course, today I will also recommend two plus-size camo dresses for parties or weddings.

shop the midi plus-size camo dresses on mycurvyboutique 

Mycurvyboutique Plus Size All Over Print Pullover Dress#168
(Mycurvyboutique Plus Size midi plus size camo dress in L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL)

The long-sleeved midi skirt is designed to allow your clients to hide the fullness of their arms and thighs. Matching a belt appropriately will make you more prominent. Perfect for party attendance with sparkly heels.

(Mycurvyboutique Plus Size maxi plus size camo dress in XL 2XL 3XL 4XL)

The short-sleeved long dress lets you cover your legs a lot of the time. Clever tailoring can flatter your figure. It is perfect for any occasion, day or night. Every plus-size woman needs to own a dress that is so elegant and comfortable like this one.

For sports

The most important thing when exercising is comfort and looseness. And camouflage is more attractive in many cases because the color itself gives you vitality. The jumpsuit below can be said to be the best choice for every curvy woman who is climbing or exercising.

shop the plus size camo jumpsuit on mycurvyboutique 


(Mycurvyboutique Plus Size plus size camo jumpsuit in S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL)

The design of long-sleeved trousers is suitable for people who meet sports. The waist design can adjust the waist size, and the pocket design can store some small items. If you are a big girl who likes sports, it must be a good choice for you.

Come and tell me where will you wear camo outfits?

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