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If you have a lot of big girlfriends, you will find we are all beautiful and sexy each and each of them is unique. This practice doesn't take into account how the body changes when weight is added, how a silhouette might need to be readjusted for different body types, how hemlines might need to be longer.
We always felt that clothing should fit us as we are, not that we should fit clothing as it comes🤔. Designing for a plus-size body, after all, is slightly more complicated than creating a garment for a size small or medium. I have two big girls friends, both of them wear in 2XL when they wear the same cloth, one is very fit, while the other hips look more obvious. So different people wearing the same clothes will be different.
So is dimensional sizing the solution to the endless fit issues plus-size shoppers endure, the fix they've been patiently waiting for?
Don't bother you because of different plus sizes, sometimes just having that one fantastic new outfit you love is all big girls need to turn a bad day into a good one, to give every big girl the confidence she needs going into a party, or to give that stay at home mom a reason to smile after that rare moment she treats herself.

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