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Let’s get down to the big girls' wearing. Having a dress in your wardrobe is absolutely essential for when the temperature is up. Whether you are frolicking in fields picking pumpkins, or curled up on the couch with a throw and your latest T.V. show binge, having a few different dresses that match with everything is a necessity. Here are four key reasons we’ve threaded together as to why you need knit tops, and ASAP.
1. Dress is a great foundation for your wardrobe

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Dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe. They can be worn as a base layer under heavy sweaters and coats, which will also cover your back legs, which means your dresses are plain and boring. But it is your best match.

2. They’re classy enough to rock as business casual 

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If you're going to the office and need to look professional, but not super corporate, skirts are a great option. Pair it with a formal jacket for an elegant look. You can choose skirts of different lengths according to your needs.
3. You can rock a knit top as evening wear

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For a fun weekend look party, a sparkly dress will make you the center of attention in the crowd. If you want to make yourself less prominent, you can choose to wear it with a coat.
4. They come in a cute print

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That's right. Dresses don't always have the drab drabness of a casual look in cooler weather. No, dresses have undergone an earth-shattering makeover over the years, with so many twists and turns. But aside from the fun cuts we've seen, there are some pretty prints to choose from.
With the warm weather blowing in, your wardrobe needs some spring essentials.

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